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Cloudfone forms global alliance with international brands like Blu, Wiko, and more!

In order to compete with the larger global brands, Cloudfone and other international phone makers like Blu, Wiko, and more formed a global alliance.
Cloudfone forms global alliance with international brands like Blu, Wiko, and more!
Cloudfone with other brands included in the global alliance

A global consortium designed to compete with the big smartphone brands

It is a consortium where brands like Blu (United States, Caribbean, Latin America, Hong Kong), Multilaser (Brazil), BQ Mobile (Russia), Mobicel (South Africa), Wiko (Algeria, Austria, Belgium, France, Germany Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Kenya, Luxembourg, Morocco, Netherlands, Nigeria, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Switzerland, Thailand, Vietnam), Lanix (Mexico), and Cloudfone (Philippines) joined forces to develop high-quality smartphones with great affordability for their customers.

It is the strategy of Cloudfone and the brands to disrupt trade, distribution, and pricing which will allow them to compete with the big Chinese brands such as OPPO, Vivo, Xiaomi, and Huawei.

The consortium will also allow the above-mentioned brands to keep up with the scale and efficiencies of the global supply chains.

According to Mr. Eric Yu, Cloudfone's President & CEO, the global alliance will allow them to order parts all at once. They will help each other in creating smartphones with the same parts, software, rigid standards, and overall quality.

The consortium will also allow Cloudfone to have the latest global technology always.

Cloudfone even claimed that they only have 1 percent of return rate versus the 5 percent of other brands in the Philippines.

They even boasts that it will result to a better product with a less than 1 percent of return rate in the Philippines and just 5 percent of return rate for smartphones purchased per brand.

As we all know, there are a few brands left with global competitiveness in the local smartphone scene. Most of them are struggling due to the aggressiveness and power of the big Chinese brands.

As one, the brands included in the consortium has the chance to make a dent in the global smartphone scene.

Cloudfone's President & CEO, Eric Yu, explains the strategy behind this partnership:

Because of our global alliance with all these quality Brands, we are actually able to ensure that we can continue providing awesome quality and still at an awesome price for our respective consumers.The first reason is that through our alliance, we are able to buy components at the best price. The second reason is that because our phones are one in the same, our phones need to pass all stringent requirements of each country. Unlike a simple rebranding strategy, the alliance builds phones together from the ground up, from design, to software until the finished product. So the Cloudfone smartphones that Filipinos use here are smartphones that have passed the quality standards of smartphones in the United States, in Europe and in the rest of the continents.

So far, this type of business model is working for Cloudfone.

For an instance, the Cloudfone Thrill Boost 2 held the number 1 highest sales in the country at its price point for multiple months last year. It is also sold in over 30 countries worldwide under different names. It is known as the Wiko Sunny 3+ and Wiko Jerry 3 as well.

Overall, that model sold more than 3 million units worldwide.

Cloudfone have increase brand share in the smartphone category by 30 percent in PH.

Currently, Cloudfone is also in partnership with Disney, Facebook, Google, and Spotify.

But, as we all know, the local brands are struggling due to the aggressiveness of the Chinese brands.

Let's hope that this strategy will continue to work for Cloudfone and the rest in order for them to provide great products to Filipinos and the rest of the world.

What do you guys think?
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