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How Mirrorless cameras are changing photography with Roberto Valenzuela

We got the chance to speak with World renowned author, portrait and wedding Photographer Roberto Valenzuela during his Workshop in Manila.
How Mirrorless cameras are changing photography with Roberto Valenzuela
Roberto Valenzuela with the EOS-R

How Mirrorless cameras are changing photography

Roberto Valenzuela has been known for his creative and powerful approach to portrait and wedding photography that spanned more than ten years. He speaks that when he was beginning his photography he admired Canon's ambassadors from a far and that he would become one of them one day.

More than ten years later he has been recognized for this stunning work in photography, he has written several books on photography, he has been in several workshops around the world, and he is now one of Canon's ambassadors.

He is in Manila for a workshop where he shares his experiences, wisdom and expertise in photography.

He talks about the benefits of the mirrorless platform the new EOS-R was using.
Full articulating touch display!
Full articulating touch display!

The EVF allows him to see the exposure in real-time. 'What you see is what you get' It also allows him to make sure that the subject is in focus because of the amount of detail the display can resolve along with the ability to zoom-in and out to check focus. 

This is a huge departure from the optical view finder of a traditional SLR where in you only see your composition and your subject but not the actual exposure.

Roberto continued that the new articulating touch-display on the EOS-R has allowed him to further his creativity because it allows him to shoot from weird angles that a static display cannot. 

The Touch functionality adds to this by allowing him change settings, use pinch to zoom, tap to focus, and as joystick when the user is looking through the EVF.

This is supplemented by the ability to fully customize the camera to your own preferences with the numerous mappable buttons and the new mappable touch bar. 

The camera is supplemented with a new line of lenses that aim for maximum image quality. This along with Canon's expertise has led to what Roberto calls 'crazy sharp images' with incredible 'color' that can compete with Medium Format digital.

The body starts at PHP 147,998 while the kit will cost you PHP 214,998.

The Canon EOS R has been available at Canon authorized dealers nationwide since October of 2018. For more information about the camera, you can read it about here. 

You can see Roberto's work at his website linked here.
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