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PLDT upgrades Fibr internet speed

PLDT Fibr customers will be getting a permanent speed boost from the telco giant! 
PLDT upgrades Fibr internet speed
PLDT upgrades fiber internet speed

Following a number of reports from its subscribers on the increased speed, PLDT also confirmed the news to GIZGUIDE. PLDT sent us the official statement of Maxine Loyola, AVP - PLDT-Smart Brand PR/

Maxine Loyola said the telco doubled the internet speed of its Fibr subscribers on December 25, adding it has also prepared a network upgrade for customers.

We have an on-going permanent speed upgrade program for our PLDT Home Fibr plan 1299, 1699 and 1899 subscribers.

Speed upgrades are shown below

PLDT Fibr Unli Plan 1299 - before 3 to 5 Mbps, now up to 10 Mbps
PLDT Fibr Unli Plan 1699 - before 5 to 10 Mbps, now up to 20 Mbps
PLDT Fibr Unli Plan 1899 - before 20 to 25 Mbps, now up to 50 Mbps
PLDT Fibr Unli Plan 2899 - before 50 Mbps, now up to 100 Mbps

Just recently, its rival in providing fiber internet, Converge ICT Solutions, announced competitive Fiber speed upgrades. 

Are we going to hear a news from Globe soon? Fingers crossed!
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