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Samsung to introduce its own night mode soon, the Bright Night feature!

High-end Samsung smartphones often have respectable cameras for low light photography.
Samsung to introduce its own night mode soon, the Bright Night feature!
Alleged Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus render

However, they clearly lag behind in the software department compared to the other flagships to allow them shoot clearer photos at night.

Capture the night

Those other brands comes with their own night mode which uses advanced HDR and image stacking to enable its users enjoy AI-assisted handheld long exposure shots. It is an impressive computational photography technique.

Huawei started this trend when they introduced the Super Night Mode on the P20/P20 Pro. Their older phones like the Mate 10 series also got that feature with an update. Now, even their more affordable offerings like the Nova 3 series and Y9 2019 comes with Super Night Mode.

Google followed when then introduced the Night Sight. OnePlus also introduced their own Nightscape mode. OPPO also created their own Ultra Night Mode. XIaomi also has their Night Scene feature.

Fortunately, folks over XDA discovered that Samsung is not sleeping.

Samsung could introduce its own Super Night Mode-like feature soon. It will be dubbed as the "Bright Night" mode.

Basically, it will take multiple photos together and combine them into one picture which is brighter and more detailed than your regular point and shoot shots. It won't be overexposed and won't rely on the LED flash.

The Bright Night feature was discovered in the latest Android Pie One UI beta. It could debut with the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S10.

We are sure that it will be way better than their "capture the night" camera phones a year ago.

What do you guys think?

Source: XDA, OnLeaks
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