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Grab promises even better services with 8 new app features

Ride-hailing firm Grab has vowed to further enhance its services after hitting the three-billion passenger mark in Southeast Asia.
Grab promises even better services with 8 new app features

8 new app features

Through its Better Everyday campaign, the company is introducing eight new app features targeted to improve customer experience. 

The company has boosted its platform with services aside from transport - GrabFood, GrabExpress, GrabRewards, and GrabPay.

Under the new initiative, Filipino riders can use six new transport features, including:

1. Cancel Anytime - before allocation

2. Saved Places - Consumers can now save their preferred and most frequented places such as home, work, gym, etc.

3. Rewards points for passengers who were canceled on - If the driver cancels a consumer booking, he/she will now get 30 GrabRewards points credited within 24 hours.

4. Change Destination - Changing can be done by tapping on the drop-off point while in-transit or tapping the "Change" tab on the Driver details screen while in-transit. Changing destination will update the fare to account for the distance already traveled by the driver and the new distance left to reach the new destination.

5. Lost and found - This helps passengers contact the driver directly after a completed booking. To recover the item left in the car, simply click on the booking history tab, choose the recent booking record, and tap the new call button to reach the driver.

6. Passenger Time-out - Grab has also received feedback from drivers who complained about consumers canceling after being allocated, and even if the driver is on the way to the pick-up point. This feature temporarily bans passengers with excessive cancellations. 

Consumers will not be able to book a service for a maximum of 23 hours upon reaching the following limit:

1. Maximum of two (2) cancellations per Grab service within 1 hour 
2. Maximum of three (3) cancellations per Grab service within 24 hour 
3. Maximum of five (5) cancellations per Grab service within 7 days

This 2019, we continue to underscore our commitment towards a better Grab experience. We are happy to start the year with an introduction of new features that will redefine consumer experience, Grab Philippines President Brian Cu said

GrabFood is now the leading food delivery service in PH

GrabFood, meanwhile, is now considered as the leading online delivery food services in the country as it achieved a 12 times growth since its launch in the market last year.

The service has now more than 5,000 active restaurants from Manila and Cebu.

As an everyday app, we continue to use our technology to provide solutions that will improve the daily experience of our fellow Filipinos. Our goal is to serve our consumers better everyday with the challenge to always go above and beyond what is expected, Cu said.

For the company’s GrabExpress, two new features have been added: multi-stop delivery feature, and multiple concurrent bookings allowing social sellers and micro-entrepreneurs to deliver a maximum of 10 parcels using different delivery partners at the same time.

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