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There are 12 new restaurant additions in GrabFood and this is what we've experienced

GrabFood, which has been launched seven months ago, has been making the crowd abuzz because of its convenient and superb service.
There are 12 new restaurants addition to the GrabFood and here's what we've experienced
Goldilocks is now on GrabFood!

12 new GrabFood partner merchants!

GrabFood posts actual menu prices in-app!
GrabFood posts actual menu prices in-app!

We have previously tried their service and if we're gonna rate it, we're giving it a perfect 5 stars! In case you missed it, GrabFood is the TNVS company's latest service for those who want to satisfy their cravings without the need to go out of the comfort of their homes. 

Recently, Grab has made 12 new restaurants addition to their current list last January 03, 2019. Joining its wide roster of international restaurant chains are Bonchon Chicken, Yoshinoya, Wendy's and Dunkin Donuts. Homegrown restaurant chains like Goldilocks Bakeshop, ArmyNavy Burger + Burrito, Chooks-to-go, Tori Chizu, Go Bento, The French Baker, and Lartizan are also added to offer more diverse offerings.

GIZGUIDE's GrabFood experience version 2.0

What we've ordered
What we've ordered

Just like the first experience we have shared, we were able to get a GrabFood driver easily upon booking our GrabFood order. By simply tapping the "Food" between Grab's services collection, we were redirected to the nearby, wide variety of their partner restaurants.

This time, we craved for Zark's Burger and decided to get three burgers from them. Just like with the BonChon, the actual menu prices are on the Grab app and you can easily add them on cart by simply tapping on the "+" button. 

The GRABFOODNOW code did not work this time, but the PHP 49 delivery fee wasn't even that big for the convenience I am paying for! I've ordered three Zark's burgers and after a minute or two, Grab was able to get me a GrabFood driver. 
GrabFood real-time updates!
GrabFood real-time updates!

It has the same interface I've experienced last time and a familiar one for those using the Grab car service. The app still gives real-time updates on where is the driver already. Just like last time, the driver has asked me the same question: "Hi, is your order confirmed?", maybe this is an SOP to all GrabFood drivers to ask to us to check if we are pushing through with the orders. 

'Kuya' has also confirmed with me the drop-off address before going to the Zark's Burgers. The same when we ride the Grab cars, the GrabFood drivers use the in-app chat feature to communicate directly with us besides the real-time updates.

After half an hour, Kuya arrived in my home handing me the food and the tape receipt of my orders. Beforehand, I have noted with Kuya that I need a change for my PHP 600 cash as payment to my PHP 546 order. He has a change with him and we had a smooth and quick transaction.

The same with my BonChon order last time, there's also an attached "Grab Delivery" dispatch note taped in my Zark's Burgers order. 
"Grab delivery" order dispatch
"Grab delivery" order dispatch

The GrabFood driver this time was easy to spot since he was wearing his "Grab" uniform and helmet. Of course, I gave him a 5-star rating for a job well done! 

We have experience the same high level of convenience. We did not have to wonder if the order is going to arrive since we can see 'real-time' where 'Kuya driver' is already. Absolutely, GrabFood is our go-to food delivery service!

Still, the GrabFood delivery fee is at PHP 49! 

We're going to try the newly added Goldilocks service and we're sure to get the same amount of convenience. 
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