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Mislatel to deploy 10,000 cell sites in 7 years

Mislatel, the challenger to PLDT and Globe Telecom, is targeting to deploy 10,000 cell sites within seven years.
Mislatel to deploy 10,000 cell sites in 7 years
Adel Tamano, Mislatel spokesperson

More than 10,000 cell sites!

According to its spokesperson Adel Tamano, the consortium has already secured "a number of memorandums of agreement and understanding with our partners who will help us in our role."

The group, which is backed by China Telecommunications and tycoon Dennis Uy, has long urged industry players, even those small companies, to partner with them as to hasten the deployment of its services. Mislatel also tapped local government units and the national government.

With the proper policies, we can be able to have a good rollout and the benefit would be faster, better and cheaper Internet and telecom services, Tamano said. 

Tamano also showed Mislatel’s willingness to share its network with rivals PLDT and Globe, citing this could be a good revenue stream.

For example, if they let us use their towers, that’s a revenue for them. We will be bringing in technology and when we also go about with our rollout perhaps if they let us use their towers, we will also let them use ours, he added.

The government is enticing tower companies to invest in the Philippines to help grow the number to 50,000 cell sites to support more than 100 million Filipinos' demand for quality services.

PLDT’s Smart has already fired up over 14,300 LTE sites, while Globe Telecom has more than 8,000 cell sites.

Last 2018 alone, Smart installed 5,600 4G LTE base stations.

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Source: PNA
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