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CES 2019: Samsung launches a 219-inch TV called The Wall

At CES 2019, Samsung launched a gigantic 219-inch television with micro LED technology dubbed as The Wall.
Samsung 219-inch TV The Wall
Samsung 219-inch TV The Wall

219-inches big!

Samsung's 219-inch The Wall is built using the new Micro LED TV technology. These are millions of tiny self-lighting LEDs in red, green and blue. Combine millions of these colored micro LEDs and you get to make one image.
It has a dedicated tablet for controls
It has a dedicated tablet for controls

This technology allows The Wall to deliver deeper and truer blacks and high levels of brightness. It also has an ultra-low reflection black technology that delivers blacks with no glares. In terms of color and refinement, it supports HDR, HDR 10+ and more to give the optimum brightness and color accuracy. 

The 219-inch is built with modular pieces but it shows no noticeable gaps or segmentation. In addition to that, the modular design allows you to customize The Wall's orientation, size and design. You can get a 16:9 aspect ratio or change it to 21:9 when needed. It is shock, water and dust resistant and is energy efficient which Samsung believes will contribute to long lasting durability.

The Wall is controlled via a dedicated tablet which shows what is displayed on the screen. This allows users to sift through content and images. It can deliver some functionality even when turned off like show time, weather updates and ambient images.

What do you guys think?

Source: Samsung
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