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Qualcomm asks court to ban some iPhone models in Germany


American company Qualcomm Inc. made a bold move anew against Apple in hopes to ban some of the latter’s iPhone models in Germany.
Qualcomm asks court to ban some iPhone models in Germany
The new iPhone

In hopes of forcing the sales ban, the chip maker posted security bonds amounting euro 1.34 billion with a court in Munich.

Qualcomm’s call for sales ban includes Apple’s iPhones 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus, and X.

This move came after a ruling released late in December, backing Qualcomm’s claim that Apple infringed its patent, a technology that could save mobile phone battery power.

However, the court said that in order to impose the sales ban, Qualcomm might need to shell out a security bond to cover Apple’s potential losses if the case would be overturned.

The bonds are required for Qualcomm to be able to enforce the remedies ordered by the court on December 20 2018 after the court found that Apple is infringing Qualcomm’s patented power savings technology used in smartphones. Apple was ordered to cease the sale, offer for sale and importation for sale of all infringing iPhones in Germany

Apple then recalled all of its iPhone 7 and 8 in its 15 stores in Germany. But all iPhone models would still be available through mobile carriers and resellers.

Tech giant Apple earlier said it would file an appeal against the ruling.

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