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Qualcomm refuses to sell 4G chips to Apple


US-based Apple may realize a hard time connecting its future devices to fifth generation or 5G technology as its fight against Qualcomm continues.
Qualcomm refuses to sell 4G chips to Apple
The latest iPhone XS

Sorry Apple

Jeff Williams, Apple chief operating officer, claimed during the US Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) trial versus the chipmaker earlier this week, that the latter does not want Apple to use its 4G LTE processors needed in order to ready newest iPhones for 5G shift.

The executive even said Apple was forced to cough up USD 7.50 per iPhone, which he said was too much, just to use Qualcomm patents. 

We have been unable to get them to support us on new design wins past that time [when Apple filed a lawsuit against Qualcomm]. This has been a challenge, he said. 

The FTC then said Qualcomm was enjoying a monopoly in wireless chips amid recent acts asking its clients to make their partnership exclusive, despite charging high licensing fees for its technology. 

While Apple can make its own application processor, it still needs third-party chips for network connectivity, hence its partnership with Qualcomm. 

William noted Apple tried contacting Qualcomm Chief Steve Mollenkopf, but the latter refused to entertain their request.

We would have loved to continue to have access to Qualcomm's tech.

What do you think of this news, guys? 

Source: CNET
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