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RCS to replace SMS?

Can RCS or Rich Communication Service really take over SMS (short messaging service)? 
RCS to replace SMS?

A new messaging standard?

News reports emerged this year, where Google and other US carriers revealed their vision to launch RCS, aiming to replace SMS. 

While Apple has iMessage, a built-in system to every iOS device, Tech Times said Google’s RCS, called Chat, is a much deeper technology.

Just open up Android Messages, then send a text message. The carrier will send that message to the recipient's carrier.

Tech Times said Google’s Chat is like a third-party messaging app, where it offers read receipts, typing indicators, group texts, and full-resolution images and video. If you are a Chat user, you will receive the message via RCS, and a usual SMS if not. 

Also, just in November, Verizon said it would be introducing a support for RCS messaging in early 2019. 

Industry sources expect this technology to be popular once telco carriers start embracing the “Universal Profile”, enabling RCS to operate between telcos. 

There was also a report from Yugatech where it said Globe Telecom has started deploying the technology for select customers.

We may have to wait until late next year to see if RCS would really replace SMS. 

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