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Huawei secured 30 5G contracts worldwide despite US "bullying"

Despite continuous tirade from the US, Chinese tech giant Huawei might be leading the shift to fifth generation (5G) network as it secured 30 5G commercial contracts.
Huawei secures 30 5G commercial contracts

Despite US "bullying"

According to a report from Global Times, Huawei said more than 50 percent of the deals are with European firms, signalling their confidence on Huawei’s technology in spite of allegations from the American government. 

The US government has been urging other countries, including UK, Germany, and Japan to not tap Huawei for their 5G network roll out.

These concrete business deals further demonstrate its capability of delivering sound and sustainable networks, Xiang Ligang, chief executive of telecom industry news site cctime.com.

This news also came after Huawei introduced its first 5G core chip, designed for 5G base stations.

With the launch of its newest 5G chipset, Huawei has marked its readiness for 5G deployment. 

Ryan Ding, Huawei executive director of the board and chief executive officer, carrier business group, noted during the launch that the new chipset could support simplified 5G networks and large-scale network deployment worldwide. 

Another innovation was unveiled, its first 5G Modem called Balong 5000, believed to be the most powerful single-chip to support different architectures.

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Source: Global Times
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