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UK is confident to 'mitigate' Huawei 'threats'

Amid the United States' continuous tirade against Huawei, it seems to have finally found a strong backing.
UK confident to 'mitigate' Huawei 'threats'
UK confident to 'mitigate' Huawei 'threats'

According to reports, the United Kingdom expressed confidence on their capacity to “mitigate” possible threats posed by the Chinese tech giant. 

The UK still acknowledged Huawei’s big role in helping it to adapt 5G network despite the US’ claim that the Chinese company is working with its government to spy on Americans. 

While Huawei has long denied this allegation, the US continues to urge other countries to ban the former’s products.

Other nations can make the argument that if the British are confident of mitigation against national security threats then they can also reassure their publics and the US administration that they are acting in a prudent manner in continuing to allow their telecommunications service providers to use Chinese components as long as they take the kinds of precautions recommended by the British, a source told the Financial Times.

Industry sources quoted by Nikkei, meanwhile, said the UK government may have to soften its stance amid worries that its 5G rollout would be delayed. 

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern also said her country would make "our own independent decisions", away from the US' biases, on whether it would use Huawei for its 5G shift. 

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