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Is Converge ICT down in your area?

Converge ICT posted an advisory about a major interruption in their services. It affects several of their subscribers across different areas.
Converge Fiber X is down in some areas
Converge Fiber X is down in some areas

Converge Fiber X went down

Converge ICT's official statement
Converge ICT's official statement

The advisory was originally posted on Converge ICT's official Twitter account at around 6 PM on March 4, 2019. They noticed a lot of connectivity issues that affects their subscribers in different areas. They immediately launched a technical team to investigate the issue.

The technical team has been conducting Fiber blowing to find a permanent solution. Their estimated time of service restoration was around 10:30 AM today. However, replies on their tweets indicate that the issue is still persisting in several areas. Some subscribers even shared their own workarounds such as changing their DNS servers.

Converge ICT has been apologetic about the issue and promises a resolution as soon as possible. If you are affected and still don't have your connection back then we encourage you to contact them via Twitter, email at servicedesk@convergeict.com or call (02) 667 - 0850 then press 3.

What do you guys think? Are you affected by this down time?

Source: Converge ICT
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