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Mayor to "bang bang" public employees playing Mobile Legends, PUBG at work

While playing online games can help us cope with stress in life, our work should still not be affected. Yes, a mayor already warned about this.
Municipal mayor warns public employees addicted to Mobile Legends, PUBG
PUBG Mobile

We tried different online games in the past, like Clash of Clan and Clash Royale, but Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and PUBG remain popular, not just with kids but also adults. 

Mayor to terminate employees if caught playing games at work

Mobile Legends, also known as ML, has become huge in the gaming arena. Created by Moonton, it offers a multi-player online game, where users could not just get to play but also know other players from other countries. 

PUBG or Players unknown Battle Ground, meanwhile, is somehow the same with Mobile Legends as you get to interact with other players. 

However, Municipal Mayor of Naval Gerard Roger M. Espina was not happy on how these games affect Naval's public employees. 

Espina released a memo last week, warning employees serving the Municipality of Naval in Biliran to prioritize work, especially during office hours, instead of playing Mobile Legends and PUBG. 

Look below for Espina's order:

Order of Mayor Gerard Roger M. Espina
Order of Mayor Gerard Roger M. Espina

We can still enjoy these mobile games, but we must know how to manage our time! 

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