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How to unlock the hidden Dark Mode in Facebook Messenger?

Facebook has now dark mode for its app Messenger, but users still have to manually enable the feature. Here's how!
Dark mode feature now in Messenger

How to unlock the hidden Dark Mode in Facebook Messenger?

1. To activate it, users just have to set the emoji, be it on group chat or individual conversation, to a crescent moon emoji.

2. Send the emoji to the existing chat and voila, falling moon emojis will rain down in the thread. 
Set the emoji to a crescent moon

3. After that, Messenger would pop up a notification at the top of your screen. Just click the "Turn on Settings" to enable the dark mode feature.
Change to dark mode
Change to dark mode

Even you decide to change your emoji from a crescent moon to another, you can still manage the said feature. 
Dark mode on
Dark mode on

This guide allowed us to turn on the dark mode feature, but we still suggest that you update your Messenger to ensure you have the latest version.

Facebook, meanwhile, has yet to make this feature officially available for every users. 

Sources said Facebook is launching it as an account-based update.

Source: Reddit
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