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Huawei to use Samsung OLED panels for P30 series

A new report direct from China claimed that Huawei will use Samsung-made OLED panels for the company's first flagship of the year, the P30 Pro.
Huawei to use Samsung OLED panels for P30 series
Large 6.47-inch panel

Based on a Weibo post claiming to have inside information, Huawei has penned a deal with Samsung to be the sole supplier of OLED panels for the P30 flagships.

Bye LG and BOE panels?

If this report is accurate, Huawei might also use a Samsung OLED panel for the regular P30 variant. The P30 is also rumored to feature a smaller AMOLED screen.
The Weibo post claiming that Huawei will use Samsung instead of LG and BOE OLED screens

Samsung has the machinery to pull off high demands as they are one of the biggest screen makers in the world.

To recall, Huawei had two suppliers of OLED screens for the Mate 20 series last year. It include LG and BOE. BOE panels were mostly fine, but a lot of LG panels were not.

The bad LG panels surely affected the sales of the Mate series and Huawei doesn't want that to happen again. Huawei might have less problems with Samsung versus LG.

Samsung and Huawei are fierce rivals as the number 1 and number 2 biggest Android phone maker in the world. But for the sake of sales and securing good components, it seems like the two giants have let bygones be bygones.

What do you guys think?

Source: Mydrivers
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