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Huawei to launch smart TVs soon?

Huawei is expanding its portfolio with its entry in the smart television market.
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Huawei store in China

The Huawei TV, expected to have 55-inch and 65-inch models, have been eyed to launch in April, an executive from a supply chain of Huawei TV said.

Beijing Oriental Enterprise (BOE) is rumored to supply the 55-inch screen, while Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd CSOT will focus on the 65-inch screen.

Huawei’s goal for the TV industry is to sell 10 million units a year, which is would make them first in the industry, the official said. 

The Huawei TVs are set to be equipped with dual cameras, gaming, and communication features

But the Chinese tech giant is not just into producing consumer TVs, but it also eyes engaging in the field of commercial TVs, the executive also noted.

Another firm is known in the smartphone market, OnePlus, had expressed interest to penetrate the TV industry. Looks like smartphone companies will soon seek a slice of the pie, aiming to bring their technology to the TV market.

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Source: Pandaily
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