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#MWC19: MediaTek accelerates roll out of 5G with Helio M70 modem

MediaTek showcased the power of the Helio M70, their multi-mode 5G modem at MWC 2019. It is one of their solutions for the sub-6GHz spectrum.
#MWC19: MediaTek accelerates roll out of 5G with Helio M70 modem
The power of Helio M70

Mediatek's 5G solution

MediaTek x Nokia
MediaTek x Nokia

The Helio M70 5G modem was showcased a solution for an intelligent home running 5G data transfer speeds as well as mmWave OTA tests of MediaTek's 5G antenna arrays. The Helio M70 was seen to have 4.2Gbps of 5G data speeds which is the touted as one of the fastest sub-6Ghz 5G speeds to date.

MediaTek's said that they are ready to put the Helio M70 in devices later this year. They are also working closely with their customers, different networks and tech suppliers to help them in their quest to distribute their 5G solutions on devices, homes and even cars by 2020.

The Helio M70 5G modem, MediaTek’s first generation 5G solution, comes with with LTE and 5G dual connectivity (EN-DC) with dynamic power sharing capability, plus multi-mode support for every cellular connectivity generation from 2G to 5G.

Helio M70 supports the sub-6GHz frequency band non-standalone (NSA) and standalone (SA) 5G network architectures. Key features of the Helio M70 include faster speeds up to 4.7Gbps down and 2.5Gbps up speeds, 3G99 Rel-15 specification compliance, multi-mode support, intelligent energy management and more stable connections.

Quite exciting right? What do you guys think?
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