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Sharp releases AN-SS1 Aquos Sound Partner wireless shoulder speaker in PH!

Sharp has a new interesting portable wireless audio product in the Philippines, the AN-SS1 Aquos Sound Partner.
Sharp releases AN-SS1 Aquos Sound Partner wireless shoulder speaker in PH!

Unconventional yet stylish

It's an unconventional yet stylish Bluetooth wireless speaker that comfortably sits in your neck and shoulders and act like a traditional headphones.
AN-SS1 in black
AN-SS1 in black

The audio device uses Sharp's own sound vibrating tech which remind us of the bone conduction audio technology which transmits sound to the inner ear without the need plugging earphones directly to your ears.

This tech will allow you to stay aware of your surroundings while enjoying music. It should be great to use for running and other sporting events. You can also use it while cooking, walking around, watching, TV, playing games, VR users and more.

Sharp Aquos Sound Partner comes with 4 speakers that promises to deliver rich bass response and good mids.

It also comes with 420mAh battery with up to 14 hours life and quick charge tech. It also goes with easy to connect to TV feature if you use the USB dongle included in the package.

Sharp also allows two AN-SS1 Aquos Sound Partner enjoy the same music at the same time with the use of the dual streaming feature.

Lastly, Sharp claimed that it is comfortable to wear as it weighs at just 88 grams.

Price and availability

Sharp's AN-SS1 Aquos Sound Partner is now available in the Philippines for PHP 7,998. You can get it from all Sharp dealers nationwide.

Source: Sharp
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