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Ascent offers Helicopter ride-sharing to combat Metro Manila's dreadful traffic

Ascent Urban Air Mobility, a ride-sharing tech startup will use helicopter service to combat Metro Manila's dreadful traffic.
Ascent offers Helicopter ride-sharing to combat Metro Manila's dreadful traffic
Photo credit: Jacque Manabat

Grab and Uber also allowed helicopter rides to users a few years ago, but have stopped. Enter Ascent.

To beat Metro Manila traffic

ABS-CBN reported that it is a ride-sharing service provided by INAEC Aviation Corporation (INAEC). It will allow passengers to book a helicopter seat through their website and fly between locations like NAIA airport, central business districts in Makati, BGC Taguig, and Quezon City, as well regional locations in Clark and Tagaytay.

A 10-minute flight from NAIA to BGC costs PHP 8,900 per person, a 15-minute ride from Quezon City to airport would cost PHP 10,900. A 20-minute ride from NAIA to Tagaytay is priced at PHP 21,900 while a 30-minute ride from NAIA to Clark costs PHP 25,900.

The cost is expensive of course, but that is cheap if your schedule is too tight and need to sign a million dollar contract on time and you don't want to be late. With the use of choppers, Ascent can basically cut hours-long Metro Manila commutes to just a few minutes.

Ascent also said that it also offers luggage transport, on-ground guest assistance, airport transfers via helicopter, shuttle services to dedicated heliports, and corporate packages.

The company also plans to expand to more locations in the country such as Visayas and Mindanao major cities, as well as other Southeast Asian countries in the next few years.

To know more about Ascent, visit their website here.

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Source: ABS-CBN
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