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Instagram to hide like counts soon?

Instagram may be hiding the like counts soon as shown in its leaked design change test. 
Instagram to hide like counts soon?
Instagram Image from: smallbiztrends

Spotted by famous tipster Jane Machun Wong, she was able to take screenshots of the new feature, before Instagram could even launch it. 

Based on the screenshots, Instagram informed that only the user who shares the post can see the total number of likes. However, the app still showed a name of one of the persons who liked the post. 

Screen grab from Jane Machun Wong Twitter page
We want your followers to focus on what you share, not how many likes your posts get, Instagram noted. 

According to TechCrunch, the company's spokesperson said that Instagram has not made the design available to the public yet. The source stressed that Instagram wanted to introduce ways "to reduce pressure on Instagram," which might be the like counts as the firm has long acknowledged its harmful effect to users' psyches.

If this would be pushed through, Instagram may be less helpful for influencers, as like counts measure one's popularity on the social media site. But they could still bank on comment and follower counts, TechCrunch said. 

Just like Instagram, Twitter understood the need to hide the number of retweets to eradicate the unnecessary competition on its platform. Previous reports said Twitter has started testing the design change. 

Do you agree with this move of Instagram? 

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