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Samsung releases 98-inch 8K TV, priced at just PHP 4,999,999!

Samsung Philippines just launched its latest TV line in town, one of them is a 98-inch OLED TV with whopping 8K resolution.
Samsung releases 98-inch 8K TV, priced at just PHP 4,999,999!
 98-inch 8K TV

Samsung's 8K TV arrives in PH

Samsung's 8K TV uses the new Quantum Processor designed to produce images in 7680 x 4320 resolution.

Technically, there's no real 8K content in the market right now. But, the Korean company claimed that it has the AI upscaling technology that automatically converts lower-resolution content from 4K to even SD in any source to "8K" quality.

Samsung also said that it has noise reduction and can provide greater texture and sharper edges of objects and text for better clarity.

Samsung also stated that its 8K TV line features highest levels of contrast, deeper blacks, and brighter whites versus their older TV models.

Like nearly all Samsung device the new 2019 QLED line has Bixby voice command feature.

Aside from the 8K TV, Samsung also introduced the 82-inch and 75-inch variant of the Q900 8K line.

Price and availability

The Samsung 98-inch 8K TV is priced at PHP 4,999,999. If you are on tighter budget, the 82-inch and 75-inch models are priced at just PHP 999,999 and PHP 599,999, respectively.

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The TVs will be available in stores in the first week of May. Gelo of Rappler reported that the 98-inch variant have to be specially ordered though.

Via: Rappler
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