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Samsung Electronics announces 5 nanometer (nm) process is ready for production

Several months after the announcement of the 7nm process, Samsung just unveiled that the next 5nm process is ready for production.
Samsung Electronics announces 5 nanometer (nm) process is ready for production
7nm based Exynos 9820

Samsung Electronics announces 5nm process

Six months after the unveiling of the first commercial application of the Extreme Ultraviolet (EUV) lithography  in the 7 nanometer process, Samsung Electronics with S3 Wafer Fab has officially announced that the new 5nm process is now ready for production.

The new 5nm process was made possible by exposing thousands of wafer layers with EUV every week that allow for better fidelity which results to a 25 percent increase in logic area efficiency and a 10 percent higher performance but with 20 percent lower power consumption.

Because the 5nm process reuses all the 7nm intellectual property, customers can migrate from 7nm to 5nm at significantly reduced cost with pre-verified design ecosystem and therefore a shortened 5nm product development.

Samsung's foundry's for EUV-based process are made at the S3-line in Hwaseong, Korea that is scheduled to expands its EUV capacity by the second half of 2019. This means that production could ramp-up and be ready by 2020.

This means, we could see products running on the new 5nm process as early as 2020. 

What do you guys think?

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