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Smart expands LTE capacity in Batangas up to two times!

Smart has announced that they just improved they just doubled their 4G LTE capacity in Batangas.
Smart expands LTE capacity in Batangas up to two times!
Better Smart LTE coverage in Batangas

Smart said that residents in Batangas can expect faster internet speeds and better overall mobile data experience.

Better Smart LTE coverage in Batangas

The upgrades starting in 2018 where the company increased coverage and tripled the LTE network capacity in Batangas. Smart further improved their services when they rolled out LTE-A across the province as well.

In 2019, the telco is looking to double the current LTE and 3G capacity in Batangas to provide better service to the 3 million living there.

Smart deployed LTE base stations and added new network sites to improve their signal's reach especially in major roads such as the Southern Tagalog Arterial Road and high traffic areas such as schools, government offices, public markets, tourism sites and beach resorts.

Lipa City will also enjoy improved LTE capacity as well as Batangas City since it hosts the country's busiest port.

The improvements in Batangas are part of PLDT and Smart's nationwide efforts to upgrade its fixed and mobile networks in the Philippines.

Last 2018, the company increased the number of LTE base stations by over 86 percent year-on-year or around 16,200.

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