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Qualcomm, Samsung reject Apple's request for 5G modems

Apple is facing another problem as both Qualcomm and Samsung declined to sell 5G modems. 
Apple's 5G woes continue

According to a report from Taiwan's Electronic Times, the two companies were not willing to provide the needed modems for Apple's 5G adaption. 

No 5G chips for Apple yet

The industry has long witnessed the war between Apple and Qualcomm over patents, so it was not a surprise that the US-based technology company would not reach any agreement with Qualcomm. 

Korean firm Samsung, however, argued it did not have enough supply of its Exynos 5100 5G modem. 

Intel, Apple's current source of wireless modems, on the other hand, has yet to advance its game. While it is already working on the XMM 8160 5G modem, the technology would not be ready until 2020. This means Apple cannot use this for its 2019 iPhones. 

Although Huawei has been leading the 5G race in the world, it wants its chips to be exclusive for its devices. This, in turn, opens up an opportunity for MediaTek's Helio M70. 

However, a report from UBS analyst Timothy Arcuri stated that MediaTek's chip was not up to Apple's standards. 

The report stressed that if Intel fails to make progress this 2019 and early next year, the industry might have to wait until 2021 before Apple could introduce smartphones which could support 5G network. 

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Source: GSMArena
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