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EASYRFC basket financing now available in Shopee

Shopee teamed up with basket financing company EASYRFC to provide on-demand lending service for shoppers.
EASYRFC basket financing now available in Shopee
EASYRFC basket financing now available in Shopee!

Shopee x EASYRFC

Basket financing is a personalized financial and on-demand lending service that is designed to assist customers who need to purchase an item online through installment.

Shopee taps into Radiowealth Finance Corporation (RFC) to make shopping easier on the budget.

The partnership will introduce EASTRFC Shopping Credits which will give Shopee users an option of available a loan from PHP 7,000 to PHP 60K.

There are different loan terms as well ranging from 3, 6, 9, and 12 months.

Once their application is approved, they will receiver their loan vouchers embedded to their Shopee accounts which can be easily used upon check out.

RFC is a trusted and tenured financing company backed by a 55 year legacy. It is part of Shopee's commitment to promote inclusion among Filipinos of different lifestyles.

With this, Shopee users can shop for things they want and need without breaking the bank.

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