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xpanse, creating webstores to grow e-commerce in PH

Xpanse believe that e-commerce is the future. A webstore is a necessary part of any online business and that's what they want to provide.
xpanse - Creating webstores to grow e-commerce in PH
xpanse - Creating webstores to grow e-commerce in PH

Xpanse creates Webstores that sell

Jeremiah Abalos, Josh Supan and David Marquez
Jeremiah Abalos, Josh Supan and David Marquez

Xpanse entered the market a year ago. In that span of time, the self-made brand is already on its way to becoming a "Unicorn" tech company. Unicorn is a term used for startup companies or brands that is valued at USD 1 billion.

Josh Supan is the brains of xpanse. He is the 27 year-old CEO of expanse who has a business degree from Ateneo de Davao. During his tenure as a retail leasing manager at SM supermalls, he saw the potential of Webstores. Webstores are available 24/7 while physical stores a limited by the mall's store hours. The potential of that is big.

Xpanse wants to expand the presence of brands that has a ".ph" webstore. Supan reached out to his friend, David Marquez, who is one of the top Full Stack Developers in the Philippines. Marquez then brought in Jeremiah Abalos to help for the front-end interface and services.

The first six months was dedicated to developing noah, a cloud-based system that handles the order data to expedite the shipping process. Then, the started building a team to help develop xpanse.

The company also faced failures. Two times the company broke before launching. Supan pushed on and talked to brands to go online. Asking them to take chance on xpanse and that paved the way for their success.

Nowadays, there are a lot of website development and shipping companies. However, xpanse provide both concepts at the same time. Supan saw the big potential of having website development, order process, and shipping under one roof and it paid off.

Next for xpanse is an Asian "xpansion". Supan is set on being a major e-commerce enabler in Asia.
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