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Globe signs MOU with ISOC and edotco to support DICT's common tower initiative

Globe Telecom has just signed an agreement with ISOC Infrastructure Inc. and Malaysia-based tower giant edotco Group Sdn. Bhd. to become the first telco to support DICT's common tower initiative to accelerate ICT infra build in the country.
Globe signs MOU with ISOC and edotco to support DICT's common tower initiative
Globe, ISOC, and edotco MOU signing

To fast track ICT infra build in PH

Initially, ISOC and edotco, who were the first towercos to seek vendor accreditation with Globe, will build 150 sites for the company.

ICT infrastructure is the foundation of a highly-connected digital economy. While we have made significant improvements on the quality of internet experience, there is still a large gap to fill so we can be at par with our neighbors in terms of infrastructure, Cu said.  

The DICT also signed agreements with 23 tower companies with ISOC and edotco.

In the next seven to ten years, DICT 50,000 new common towers across the country. The goverment agency also said that they will accelerate the building of 2,500 common towers in properties owned by government agencies.

Despite the agreements, the government has yet to release a common tower policy governing towercos in the country.

To recall, the Philippines only has 17,850 cell sites. In comparison, Vietnam 90,000, Pakistan has 34,300, and Bangladesh has 30,000 towers.

But this is still a huge deal as it could speed up the rollout of network infra in the country. If properly implemented, consumers like us should benefit from it in the near future.
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