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Google Maps update adds traffic delays and crowdedness prediction!

Google Maps just received a big update that adds traffic delays for public transportation along with crowdedness prediction.
Google Maps adds new public transit features
Google Maps adds new public transit features

Google Maps now offer public transit information

Initially, the update added live delays for public buses. Bus routes are estimated based on the average time the bus makes it through the route and the amount of time a bus will take before arriving to the stop. Now, it adds traffic delays that are found in the bus routes. This includes information about where the delay is and how much it will affect your commute time.

The other big addition is the prediction on how crowded a train is. Google Maps can now warn you when the trains usually becomes crowded and predict if there will be any seating left. It has been a feature that has been expected for months after Google asked Maps users for feedback and one of the question was how crowded the train route was.

These new features started rolling out on Google Maps for iOS and Android. It will be available for over 200 cities around the globe.

What do you guys think?

Source: GSMArena
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