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Google Photos and Drive will stop syncing starting next month

Google announced some important changes between the interaction of Drive and Photos, the two services will stop working together staring July.
Google Photos and Drive will stop syncing starting next month
Starting next month

Google Photos and Drive to stop working together

The company came to this decision due to the connection of these two services end up being confusing. This problem is validated through research and from user feedback the company received.

Starting next month, new photos and videos and Drive won't automatically show up in Photos. This will work vice versa as well. In addition, photos and videos deleted in Drive will no longer affect copies in Photos and vice versa.

Your existing photos and videos that you were previously shared between both services will remain as is. However, those folders will no longer be updated once the changes come rolling in.

Google will also add a new "Upload from Drive" feature in Photos to allow users to manually choose photos and videos from Drive to import into Photos. However, these items won't be connected between Photos and Drive.

Source: PhoneArena
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