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Google shows Pixel 4 design ahead of launch

In a surprise move, Google partially showed the design of its upcoming Pixel 4 flagship phone ahead of launch.
Google shows Pixel 4 design ahead of launch
Pixel 4's design

Google Pixel 4 design

Unless Google is trolling, their Tweet probably confirmed the recent leaked Pixel 4 design are close to accurate.

The image Google showed that the back of the phone features slim camera square hump which reminds us of Huawei Mate 20 Pro. It also revealed that it is the first Pixel phone to sport a rear multi-camera system.

We are unsure if it is a dual-cam or a triple-camera setup. Previous leaks said that it will only sport two cameras. But, the squarish camera module of Google 4 appears to have 3 cameras with an LED flash below.

But it could also be a dual-camera setup with the autofocus system on top and LED flash below the squarish camera hump.

The rest of the back is an all-glass back with single color tone. To recall, Google Pixel phones usually have a two-tone back design.

This is just a Google teaser though. The internet giant is still hiding its front design. We hope that it has a smaller notch now though or maybe a true full screen design.

Source: Google
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