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Huawei shipped 1 million devices with its own OS according to reports

Based on reports, Huawei has shipped 1 million devices with its own OS, the HongMeng.
Huawei shipped 1 million devices with its own OS according to reports
Huawei P30 Pro

There are even reports saying that Huawei has already trademarked the said OS name in different parts of the world. 

HongMeng OS development

The devices were being prepared for testing according to Rosenblatt Securities as well. It is just unsure if they are actual market-available phones or development products.

According to the report, the OS is compatible with all Android applications with increased security functions to protect personal data.

China Daily website also quoted Richard Yu, the CEO of Huawei for the consumer business group saying that the company's own OS will be available as early as this fall or next spring.

It was prepared to be installed on mobile phones, PC, tablets, TVs, cars, and wearables.

It suggests that Huawei is serious about making its own OS and they are not waiting for a resolution from the US government regarding the ban.

To recall, Huawei was given a 90-day delay on the Google (Android) ban by the US government.

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Now, let's wait and see. Could this be the world's next big OS that will compete with Android?

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