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OPPO intros MeshTalk, can make calls/SMS even with no carrier or data

Aside from the under-screen selfie camera, OPPO introduced the MeshTalk. It's a modern walkie-talkie-like tech that can allow users to make calls and even send SMS even without carrier connection or internet data.
OPPO intros MeshTalk, can make calls/SMS even with no carrier or data
No WiFi, data, or GSM signal needed

According to OPPO the MeshTalk tech can send data between devices up to 3 km apart or even farther in crowded environments. 

MeshTalk tech

Based on The Verge's report, OPPO devices with MeshTalk will be able to create ad hoc local area networks across a wide area and communicate directly to each other without the need for base stations.

OPPO also plans for it to work with a 72-hour standby mode so that phones an still be reached in an emergency when they’re low on power.

GSMArena noted that it uses a custom chip with enhanced sensitivity to achieve long range communication. Even if its a low-bandwidth system, it still supports voice calls and text messages.

OPPO did not reveal the kind of tech behind it or when will the first phone with MeshTalk be available. It is also not clear if the tech will work with existing OPPO phones.

But one thing is for sure. This tech could be beneficial in situations where users don't have GSM connections or internet connectivity. It might be useful for emergencies as well.

Currently, the tech is being demonstrated at MWC Shanghai 2019 this week.

Sources: The Verge, GSMArena
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