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PLDT and Smart to launch 5G services by Q4 2019

PLDT and Smart are looking to rollout 5G wireless technology for its residential and business customers in Q4 2019.
PLDT and Smart to launch 5G services by Q4 2019
PLDT and Smart 5G services soon?

PLDT and Smart 5G by Q4 2019?

PLDT chairman and CEO Manuel V. Pangilinan believes that 5G wireless technology is still growing in the Philippines especially in terms of mobile devices that are ready to support the new network.

Pangilinan is still eyeing Chinese firm Huawei as one of its suppliers of 5G technology Huawei despite the issues the Chinese company with the United States.

PLDT worked with Huawei for their 4G and some of their fixed network technology. When PLDT raised concerns about cybersecurity, Huawei promised to work with the telco giant to make sure everything is up to its standards.

Smart already activated their first 5G cell sites in Makati City and Clark last November with the help of Huawei and Ericsson. Nokia is also pitching in with PLDT's effort to deploy 5G to schools nationwide.

Source: Newsbytes
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