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Vivo's new targets to produce 100 million smartphones this year

China's Vivo hopes to produce about 100 million smartphones this 2019, promising to continue delivering innovative technology in the global market. 
Vivo APEX 2019 featuring Ms. Lea of team Unbox

The Chinese firm is optimistic of keeping its 7 percent share in the global smartphone market, banking on its capacity to lead in smartphone innovation. 

Innovation is Vivo's priority

This was evident with its APEX FullView, which wowed the industry during the Mobile World Congress last year, as it had the first notch-less full-screen concept smartphone and elevating selfie camera. 

From day one, we already understood that innovations and relentless product development will be the driving force that will help grow our market. We are always inspired by our philosophy to create something different for consumers, and APEX was the realization of that, said Zeng Kai, Vivo vice president for operations. 

Vivo then released Vivo NEX, flaunting an elevating selfie camera that paved the way for a notch-less full-screen display. 

The device is also packed with premium features, including the half-screen in-display fingerprint scanning technology, apps powered and enhanced by artificial intelligence, and bezel-less display, which Vivo claimed was adopted by its competitors.

Unlike other smartphone manufacturer who just follow industry trends, we chose to set ourselves apart by pioneering these innovations and changing the game of smartphone design, Zeng said.

Vivo started ramping up its presence globally in 2014, expanding its reach to India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Vietnam, Russia, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Brunei, Macau, Cambodia, Laos, Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan, and other countries.

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