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EA releases Plant vs. Zombies 3 for testing on Android

Good news for the fans of the family-friendly shooter game, Plants vs. Zombies 3 is now available for a limited number of Android users since it is still in the pre-alpha testing phase. 
EA releases Plant vs. Zombies 3 for testing on Android
Plant vs. Zombies 3 for testing on Android

PvZ 3 for Android soon? Why not?

There are no details announced regarding the numbers of spots needed for testers and in which regions or countries it is available for now. For those who are interested to explore the said game, just tap the new Play Store listing then install it without delay. Sad to say, the tester version is not accessible here in the Philippines.  Aside from that issue, the details for this version are vague to some extent as the source of information is insufficiently narrowed to the Play Store description. 

But then, EA emphasized that the whole idea of pre-alpha is to extract feedback from the players about the combat features. In this manner, this preliminary release is incomplete and non-descriptive of the final version. According to Android Police, there is a remarkable resemblance between Plants versus Zombies 3 and the previous versions in terms of mobile. The concept is still pretty much a tower defense game, wherein you have to choose from a variety of plants to protect your character from the zombie apocalypse. Also, this game is still playable in portrait mode with dragging and dropping actions.

So what can we expect from the upcoming version of PvZ? Apparently, PvZ3 will be launched as free-to-play with in-app purchases. What do you guys think?

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