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Huawei states that Hongmeng OS is not an Android replacement

Huawei goes back on its earlier statements and reiterates that its in-house-developed Hongmeng OS isn't meant to replace Google's Android on its smartphones, reports say.
Huawei states that Hongmeng OS is not an Android replacement
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Huawei clarifies that the Hongmeng OS is not an Android replacement

While the Chinese smartphone brand has stated that Hongmeng is an operating system originally made for internet of things (IoT) devices and other 'industrial' uses, they also have been teasing that it could be faster than Android and that it's virtually ready as a back up should the blacklist push through. The playful back and forth could be taken as a subtle hint that they were also developing it for their smartphones. 

But recent reports tell otherwise. According to representatives, Huawei is very happy to be part of the Android ecosystem and would rather remain part of it. However, they are continuing the testing and development of an alternative, mainly in China--as any business would in the face of an issue of this magnitude. 

Whether Hongmeng will be the alternative route for Huawei, or perhaps, Harmony, remains unclear. With the US - Huawei trade ban easing up, Huawei could also continue to utilize Android for its smartphones. Only time could tell, what Huawei's next move will be in the OS department.

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Source:  The Verge
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