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Huawei remains bullish on global operations, shipped 10 million P30 units in 85 days

Embattled Huawei Technologies remains bullish about its global operations despite issues being thrown at the Chinese firm. 
Huawei remains bullish on global operations
Huawei P30 series

George Li, country manager at Huawei Consumer Business Group Philippines, expressed optimism about the group's vision to continue delivering innovations and premium products to its users across the world. 

George Li, country manager at Huawei Consumer Business Group Philippines

The official announced the Chinese tech giant has just overtaken US-based Apple in the global smartphone market, snatching the second spot. 

Li attributed this success to Huawei's customer centricity. 

We keep our focus to our consumers. We listen to them and we make sure that the products we release in the market will certainly address their pain points and improve their lives, he said. 

Huawei also hit the 100-million mark in smartphone shipments last May, boosting its user base to 600 million or 15 percent of the population. 

Shipment for its latest P30 series was also record-breaking after achieving 10 million units in just 85 days. 

The company also remained to be the leader in 5G race as it was tapped by telco titan Globe Telecom for the latter's 5G shift. 

5G technology is a breakthrough for HUAWEI and the industry. We are more than proud to help make this available to the Philippine market, Li said. 

Continuing its success in the Philippine market, Huawei introduced recently its Y9 Prime 2019. It also plans to open more stores in the country. 

We thank our consumers and all our partners for continuously trusting HUAWEI. Thank you for inspiring us to do better and achieve all these milestones and successes. With your support, there’s no other way but up! Li said. 

Recently, Trump softened its stance against Huawei and allowed the Chinese tech giant buy from US suppliers again.
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