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MediaTek releases i700 octa-core chip for smart homes and more

MediaTek just launched the i700, a new chipset for IoT purposes with AI. It's the successor of i500 which will likely power smart cameras, homes, stores, factories, and more.
MediaTek releases i700 octa-core chip for smart homes and more
Photo from: GSMArena

A chip for smart homes, cameras, and more

MediaTek i700 features an octa-core processor with 2x 2.2GHz Cortex-A75 big cores and 6x 2.0GHz Cortex-A55 cores. It is paired by the PowerVR GM 9446 clocked at 970MHz, has up to 8GB RAM LPDDR4X RAM at 1866MHz support, and a dual-core NPU.

MediaTek said that with its new AI capabilities, the chip has up tp 5x faster face detection versuon i500. It also supports Android Neural Networks API and popular deep learning frameworks.

The chip supports a single 32MP camera or a dual 24MP + 16MP setup with built-in depth sensing and distance estimation.

It also comes with motion tracking and pose estimatation for VR and AR apps. The chip also allows the camera to shoot at 120fps super slow-motion.

In terms of connectivity, it goes with WiFi 5, Bluetooth 5, and 4G LTE Cat 12.

MediaTek said that this new solution can provide technical support for the identification and face payment of unmanned stores, as well as face access control for smart buildings and company attendance systems, while in smart factories it can help the truck automatically identifies obstacles to avoid accidents.

In sports and fitness applications, the 3D human body gesture recognition function on the i700 platform not only provides us with advice on fitness posture but also automatically detects dangerous gestures in life and work, thus providing early warning.

We can expect to see the new i700 chip be available in devices in 2020.

Source: MediaTek, Via: GSMArena
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