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MediaTek announces S900, a flagship SoC with 8K support for Smart TVs

MediaTek recently released a flagship SoC with 8K support for Smart TVs, the S900.
MediaTek announces S900, a flagship SoC with 8K support for Smart TVs
To power AI-assisted 8K TVs soon?

Flagship SoC for future 8K TVs

MediaTek S900 is said to be designed to help TV manufacturers create highly competitive flagship products. It combines a high-performance CPU, GPU, and a dedicated AI processor unit (APU) to support features such as AI voice-user interface and picture enhancement to improve overall user experience.

MediaTek's new chip for TVs uses a multi-core ARM Cortex-A73 cores and a multi-core Mali-GP2 GPU. As mentioned it has support for 8K video coding.

In addition, the chip has HDR10+ and support for external graphics for better customization.

On the other hand, I/O includes support for HDMA 2.1A with 48Gbps maximum bandwidth. It is good enough to deliver HDR10+ content and 4K videos at 120Hz and 8K videos at 60Hz.

When it comes to AI, S900 has a proprietary APU with AI Picture Quality (AI PQ). It has AI features like facial and scene recognition that works together with the company's AI vision solution.

It also has MiraVision-Pro with AI PQ for automatic picture quality optimization. It is designed to improve color saturation, brightness, sharpness, dynamic motion compensation, and picture noise, even for native 8K output.

MediaTek said that S900 also integrated other AI features facial recognition, scene monitoring, voice signature recognition, and localized voice assistant. 

The company added that developers can build apps with the NeuroPilot software development kit (SDK) and enable S900-powered devices to act as smart home control hubs for various smart home products. It even has support for voice and gesture-based controls.

According to MediaTek, S900 has already entered mass production. It is expected to reach consumers in early 2020.

Source: MediaTek
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