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Sharp's 8K UHD TV offers benefits beyond picture quality

The television is still considered the king of entertainment. In the digital age, however, it struggles to find its place with the convenience of mobile devices that allow content consumption on-the-go. This challenge continues to push brands to innovate and take these living room centerpieces to the next level.

Sharp's 8K technology offers benefits beyond quality picture

Sharp has always been at the forefront of technology and they're making this known with products that are on the bleeding edge when it comes to customer benefits. Riding on the rise of bigger resolution TVs, Sharp has put out the AQUOS 8K series: 8K UHD TVs that can blow the competition out of the water at a fraction of the cost of, let’s say, its Samsung counterpart.

8K is better

Full HD, 4K UHD, and 8K UHD comparison
Full HD, 4K UHD, and 8K UHD comparison

We are fascinated by the concept of upsizing. From big-scaled version of things to large smartphones, we take delight in seeing the bigger picture. With 8K, to put it simply, you get whopping 33.18 million pixels! That’s 4 times the resolution of 4K, which takes the viewing experience onto unprecedented levels.

Sharp’s AQUOS 8K brings to life pictures akin to what we see in real life. 8K UHD gives you a resolution of 7680x4320 pixels, translating to picture quality with super fine details whether you’re a few feet or inches away from the screen.

And while the lack of 8K content might be a concern, the main advantage of 8K technology is its upscaling abilities. Even when the content is at a lower resolution, Sharp’s 8K Master Engine is able to convert the content’s quality to a standard that looks good even when the screen is filled.

Fluid images

Using the advantage of more pixels, moving images displayed through 8K TVs look more natural. It boasts 120 fps, allowing finer details for fast-moving images in cases such as high-speed sports or action movies.

Life-like images and sound

8K UHD makes images appear life-like by adding depth to them. Through its substantial pixel count, it is able to render images at a quality that look as if they are in 3D. This is also made possible through a 12-bit color depth. With this wide-color gamut, it is able to put out images with accurate colors.

It immerses viewers with high dynamic range and smooth gradation, precisely producing the brightest brights and darkest darks.

To match this picture quality, Sharp’s 8K UHD TV is built with a 22.2 multichannel audio boosted by Dolby Audio arranged in a way that when content is played, the sound engulfs its viewers. This takes viewers right in the heart of the action.

On top of these, the AQUOS 8K series also features Wi-Fi and Chromecast support, and runs Android TV. 

Uses outside the home

As it utilizes the power of over 33 million pixels, the Sharp AQUOS XU is not only meant for home entertainment. It can be employed in various fields such as advertising and design. With it producing more real than real images, it could be effective in influencing customers to make purchases. It could also prove to be useful in the medical field, especially in procedures such as endoscopy where a higher quality display can make a significant difference in patient diagnosis and treatment.

Sharp’s XU 8K UHD Series is available in the Philippines in 60, 70, and 80-inch variants. For an 8K TV that offers advanced features and trusted Japan quality, these sets can be bought for a price more affordable than those of other brands.

The 60-inch model can be had for PHP 378,998, the 70-inch version is tagged at PHP 575,998, while the largest 80-inch model is sold at PHP 1,049,998.

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Source: Sharp
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