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Sotto proposes bill versus fake news

Senate President Vicente Sotto 3rd seeks to intensify fight against fake news that have been flooding the internet. 
Sotto proposes bill versus fake news
Senate President Vicente Sotto III

To combat fake news

Sotto has sought the passage of Senate Bill no. 9 or the proposed "Anti-Fake News" bill aimed at eliminating the dissemination of false information in the internet and make the individuals behind this act liable. 

The bill, also known as  “An Act Prohibiting the Publication and Proliferation of False Content on the Philippine Internet, Providing Measures to Counteract its Effects and Prescribing Penalties Therefor,” targets to impose a fine of up to P2 million or imprisonment for violators. 

Filipinos have fallen prey to believing most of the click-baits, made up quotes attributed to prominent figures and digitally altered photos. This bill seeks to protect the public from the adverse effects of false and deceiving content online. It also seeks to promote responsible use of the Internet, Sotto said.

If found guilty, the violators would have to face imprisonment and a fine of not more than PHP 300,000, or both. 

Posers, or those who create fake online account/s or website/s to mislead the public would be slapped with PHP500,000 penalty plus imprisonment. 

Those persons who finance these acts, meanwhile, will face PHP1 million fine. 

Once the bill is passed into law, the Department of Justice (DOJ)-Office of Cybercrime division shall have the authority to issue the rectification order, takedown order or block access order.

Both the Cybercrime Division of the Philippine National Police and the National Bureau of Investigation will also work together to enforce the bill. 

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