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Fujifilm launches GFX100 in PH with workshops and talks from Zack Arias and Jan Gonzales!

Fujifilm Philippines launches the GFX100 that was graced with workshops and talks from world-renowned Photographers Zack Arias and Jan Gonzales.
Fujifilm GFX100
Fujifilm GFX100

Fujifilm GFX100 102MP Medium format camera is now available in the Philippines

Zac Arias during his talk about his experience with the GFX100
Zack Arias during his talk about his experience with the GFX100

To recall, the GFX100 is Fujifilm's flagship medium format digital mirrorless camera. It is meant to compete with the PhaseONE IQ3 100MP camera that starts at USD 50,000 (or around PHP 2.56M) for the body only. Priced at PHP 599,990, the GFX100 is considered to be one of the more affordable Medium format digital camera compared to its counterparts.

The medium format sensor inside the GFX is 1.7 times larger than full-frame sensor which allows for larger pixels per square inch while maintaining a wider field of view when comparing lenses of the same focal length that are attached to a smaller sensor camera. The high resolution of 100MP with the larger pixel. 

The difficulty with working with such a huge sensor has made Medium format cameras hard to work within most situations but the new GFX100 address all of it. 

The first of which is because of the crazy resolution and large sensor, it is prone to shake so it must be shot on a tripod. It is the world's first medium format digital camera with In-Body Image Stabilization (IBIS) that keeps the sensor steady to avoid shutter shake. 

The IBIS also allows for HANDHELD super slow shutter speeds of down to 1/15th of second when with other medium format cameras, you would have needed to shoot on a tripod or at shutter speeds in the 1/1000ths at the minimum to have sharp images.

The GFX100 is also the world's first digital medium format camera that shoots 4K at up to 30 frames per second at 4:2:0 internally and 4:2:2 externally. This coupled with the IBIS allows for stable, smooth and beautiful footage with the medium format look.
Zack Arias at the Fujifilm PH GFX100  launch
Zack Arias at the Fujifilm PH GFX100  launch

In a short interview with Atlanta based, world-renowned commercial and editorial photographer, Zack Arias shared his insights on his experience with the GFX100 and how it compares with the competition.

Zack Arias himself said that the addition of an IBIS mechanism on a medium format sensor is huge as it frees the photographer from being locked down to one position with a tripod. It also frees the photographer from the dilemma of committing to moving the camera, the tripod, and other tools to a new spot. This was a hugr concern with most medium format film and digital camera. 

Zack continued and said that one of the biggest boons of the GFX100 is that it can acquire and nail focus quickly because even his PhaseONE Kit that costs a lot more than GFX doesn't even come close to the speed of the GFX100.

Zack also shared that the GFX100 can do nearly all of what his USD 65,000 PhaseONE kit could do. This made me realize how much value the GFX100 offers and how it brings Medium Format digital photography to the masses.

Lastly, Zack stressed that the largest advantage is the 16-Bit RAW files because aside from the ridiculous resolution that allows you to zoom in and crop while maintaining crazy sharp images, the dynamic range allows you to pull up the shadows and recover highlights with ease. This gives the Photographer unmatched creative control of its files.

All that power compressed to the size and weight similar to modern flagship DSLRs like the Nikon D5 and the Canon 1DX.

Price and availability

GFX100's IBIS allows for HANDHELD slow shutter photography

The Fujifilm GFX100 starts at PHP 599,990 for the body only. A good deal considering that the competing camera is more than PHP 2.5M for the body only.

It is now available at all Fujifilm authorized dealers and distributors nationwide.

What do you guys think?
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