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OPPO VP cleared more details about the Reno2!

A week back, OPPO shared that it will launch the Reno2 phone soon. In particular, it will go official in India first on August 28.
OPPO VP shared more details about the Reno2!
Reno2 teaser

OPPO Reno2 more features revealed

Today, OPPO VP Brian Shen confirmed some of the details about the phone to avoid confusion ahead of the launch of the phone.

First, he shared that the Reno2 will feature Qualcomm's Snapdragon 730G chipset. It is the gaming version of the SD730. Shen added that the phone is powerful for gaming.
Second, Shen Twitted an OIS comparison test between the Reno2 and an unknown smartphone. It showed that the stability from the Reno2 video is better. It is dubbed as the Ultra Steady Mode.

Meanwhile, OPPO's YouTube page shared that the phone's quad-camera system has a 5x hybrid zoom, ultra-wide angle lens, and ultra macro mode.

The keyword is the 5x hybrid zoom. It suggests that this handset feature a lower-end periscope zoom camera versus the Reno 10x Zoom.

OPPO India added that it has up to 20x digital zoom.

It also showed that the phone has an Ultra Dark Mode camera feature.

Overall, it seems like the Reno2 is a powerful mid-range camera phone that can also game.

We'll know more about it on August 28.

Stay tuned!

Sources: OPPOBrian Shen
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