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Xiaomi patents solar-powered smartphone design

This is a little weird, but it could be useful when needed. Xiaomi has patented a solar-powered smartphone design.
Xiaomi patents solar-powered smartphone design
Image from LetsGoDigital

Wireless charging with the help of the sun!

First spotted by LetsGoDigital at WIPO, the diagram showed a phone with a bezel-less design. At its back, you'll find a solar panel-like sheet and a dual-camera setup. At left, the SIM tray is there. At right, the power key and volume rocker are visible.
A solar-powered phone soon?
A solar-powered phone soon?

The back design reminds us of photovoltaic sheets found on the rooftop of some solar-powered homes, but on a much smaller size.

Based on its look, it could be a new way of a wireless charging method for upcoming Xiaomi phones. It could be useful for emergencies like when you do not have a power bank with you and you badly need to charge. Just make sure that the sun is shining brightly outside.

This is not the first solar-powered phone, that goes to the Samsung Guru E1107 Crest Solar basic phone in 2019, but it suggests that this design for smartphones is possible.

But for now, this is just a patent. We do not know if Xiaomi will make this a real phone.

What do you guys think?

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