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Google Android 10 Go announced, will make low-budget phones faster and safer

Google had just launched the Android 10 Go, a lightweight operating system designed for budget-friendly phones. 
Google Android 10 Go announced, will make low-budget phones faster and safer
Android 10 Go for faster and safer with Adiantum

The company added more security as a benefit, on top of making the phones run faster.

Problem solved with low-powered RAM

The newest version of Android Go was created for smartphones that have less than 1.GB of RAM. The company claimed that it is also an upgrade in terms of speed and security. Applications are expected to boot up 10 percent faster compared to their performance on the previous version of the operating system. Aside from that, switching among apps will be faster and more efficient. 

The Android10 Go is not the only news as Adiantum is also being released by Google. This is a new encryption standard meant for devices that run with low-powered processors. The company already announced its arrival in early 2019, and it was stated that Adiantum is had five times the speed of a normal Android’s AES encryption. Moreover, it doesn’t involve specialized hardware to run, making strong encryption on low-cost devices much more practical.

The likes of iPhone, Google Pixel and Samsung Galaxy, which are high-end phones, have an encryption chip that is solely responsible for storing data for phone lock and security, but budget phones lack that chip. Google declared that these budget phones can be just protected like those premium phones. 

According to Google, 500 manufacturers across more than 180 countries had already distributed 1600 Android Go devices since its launch last year. The company added that the operating system can be found in around 80 percent of new entry-level Android phones. The significance of this OS is for those consumers who cannot buy or don’t want to spend more than what is necessary on a smartphone.

The devices with Android 10 Go are expected to be sold this coming fall according to the company.

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Source: The Verge
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