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Fairphone 3 launched as an ethical and environmental-friendly smartphone

There’s good news to those who are searching for an eco-friendly phone that is built to last long. The Dutch mobile manufacturer Fairphone recently announced the arrival of its latest unit, Fairphone 3. 
Fairphone 3 launched as an ethical and environmental-friendly smartphone
Fairphone 3 front and back design

Fairphone 3 as repairable and ethical

With the tagline “dares to care” the company is implying that they are trying to build ethical and repairable smartphones. Ethical in the sense that they are concern about the welfare of the smartphone factory workers that they make sure of good compensation and safety. Since the metals that are being used are mined in dangerous areas, Fairphone is also searching for ethical sources that can serve as a substitute for them.

The Fairphone 3 is considered a mid-ranger in terms of specs but it is made from 7 modules to make it convenient for repair in case of damage. This runs by a Snapdragon 632 processor, with 4GB of RAM and a 64GB storage that is expandable with a microSD card. It has a 5.7-inch FHD display, a 12MP rear camera while the front is 8MP. 

The 3,000mAh battery can be replaced when worn out and half of the materials used like tin, plastic, and copper were recycled. The circuit boards were claimed to be made of ethical gold; as the company was able to convince the suppliers to change to fair trade certified sources.

According to their website, Fairphone 3 is available for pre-order for 450 euros or PHP 25,708 (Taxes and duties are not yet included).

The brand is expanding from Europe to other countries like Uganda, Ghana, and China. There is still no news if this smartphone will be available here in the Philippines but we will update you about it.

Are you excited to try this smartphone? What do you think?

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