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Fujitsu to focus on its Technology and Services Vision for 2019

Fujitsu aims to focus on human-centric innovation through its "Technology and Services Vision" for 2019.
Fujitsu to focus on its Technology and Services Vision for 2019
Fujitsu's Technology and Services Vision for 2019

Fujitsu: Technology and Services Vision

As people accept the benefits of digital technologies, the use of gadgets and devices in most aspects of daily life has become the norm. However, concerns about privacy and security also rise with it.

Fujitsu now commits to co-creating a trusted business and society against the complexities that come with the use of advanced tech. The company also aims to ensure that a sense of trust and security is there too. Along with developing more advanced AI technologies, Fujitsu seeks to provide a safe and secure future through digital technology.

To realize this Fujitsu proposed three concrete actions:
  1. Build a purpose-driven business
  2. Build a human-centric organization
  3. Drive the business with digital technology

Along with business solutions, Fujitsu also wants to build a trusted society that can find solutions to problems such as global warming, urbanization issues, and rapidly aging societies. Sustained collaboration between stakeholders is the key to find solutions to these problems.

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