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Google One now offers automatic phone backups for its members

Cases like losing or change phones are troublesome for a lot of users since there is a lot of information to back-up. With the use of Google One, they can retrieve MMS, original quality photos and videos on Android.
Google One now offers automatic phone backups for its members
Handy back-up in the cloud storage

More than extra cloud storage

Google is now developing expanding Android’s stock backup features with Google One, a service for cloud storage. The built-in backup feature of Android saves app data, call history, contact, settings, and SMS. Google One is the one that is responsible for storing MMS, photos, and videos.

It went live last year, offering paid storage options ranging from 100GB to 30TB. Its subscriptions start at USD 3 per month for 200GB of online storage. There was also a built-in family sharing that allows users to divide whatever amount of online storage they buy with up five other people.

Google Photos can also backup photos and videos so this feature serves as a one-stop-shop. Google has changed the backup process in Android and possibly removing the backup and restore tool.

Also, Google One also makes the task of managing backups more convenient since it is more of toggling on the files that should be saved. The Device Backup card shows when the last backup was done and gives the option to do one at any moment. If the user needs to retrieve the content, there is the option to "Restore."

The Device backup is already available to Google One members. This is not the same with Android’s built-in back tools, this requires a monthly subscription starting at 2 dollars per month.

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Source: XDA DevelopersEngadget
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